The Solution For Your Hair Loss

To a woman beauty is everything; they accessorize, do their hair and buy expensive outfits only to look attractive. With great value placed on this physical beauty, aspects such as hair, nails, complexion and other body feature play the essential part. However, it may not always be as a woman wishes, the breasts may be too small or too saggy, the skin complexion maybe not what she wants it to be, the hair may be kinky and she wants to be blond. This requires a change and a makeover that will help this woman feel more beautiful. In this article, we focus on the hair and wigs and how and why any woman should try cheap silk wigs mostly after hair loss.

We can all agree that 90% of all women place great value on their hair and that is why the hair and fashion industry is ever flourishing. From way back in the ancient times, women found ways of making their hair more beautiful by making it softer, longer and have the perfect color shade they prefer. However, there are conditions and situations that may lead to either hair loss or slow the growth rate. These factors contributed greatly to the invention of wigs, to compensate for the missing desired type of hair.

Some of the causes of hair loss in women

Natural conditions such as aging, heredity and hormonal changes among other, all these can lead to hair loss like a condition known as alopecia. Some of these natural causes cannot be controlled while others hormonal therapy may be helpful to an individual.
· Medications such as those of cancer, depression, and heart problems have been greatly associated with hair loss in women. Chemotherapy for example being used to treat various cancers is the largest contributor to hair loss among women undergoing the cancer treatment.
· Overexposure to hair treatment and other styling chemicals, this has been indicated to cause gradual hair loss as well as the weakening of the hair follicles, thus leading to hair loss. The use of these hair treatment chemicals should be minimized as possible and encourage natural hair growth.

Conclusion and Solutions to hair loss

Most of these causes can be avoided through various ways such as proper dieting and keeping off drugs that interfere with hair growth process. However, when these causes cannot be avoided and the hair has already been lost wigs are always the best alternative. They are fitted to your head and they give you the same look just as if you had your own hair. Make sure you get the right wig in terms of design and color to able to feel beautiful again.

Disadvantage Of Wearing Hair Extentions

There are several reasons why women wear hair extensions, but while they can make your hair longer and fuller and overall achieve the effect of making you look more glamorous (what’s the point, otherwise?) they don’t come without their own set of problems.

Some people wear extensions because they are unable to grow their own hair long, or as quickly as they would like to. Some people genetically cannot grow their hair past a certain point. Others might be able to, but realise that growing your hair long is a slow process: the average growth rate of hair is about 1 cm a month, so getting your hair from, say, shoulder length to mid-back is going to take some time. You could have an important date coming up, such as a wedding or your husband’s company dinner and there simply isn’t time to grow your hair long enough.

Some people have thinning hair or bald patches. There isn’t much you can do about that except cover them up. Hair extensions can completely cover bald spots and they can provide a lot of extra volume to thinning hair.

Add Highlights

You might want to add highlights to your own hair without the risk of using chemicals or dyes, and carefully selected hair extensions can enable you to do this. You can also enjoy many different types of styles for your hair when you have extensions which you can’t do if your hair is shorter.

However, wearing hair extensions may not be all sweetness and light and they can come with their own set of problems. Whatever type of hair extensions you use, they will take a little getting used to. There is no doubt that you get a feeling of having something extra in amongst your hair, and they do, of course, add some extra weight, albeit not a lot.

Unless you use clip-in hair extensions, which you can put in yourself in five or ten minutes once you have got the hang of it, you are going to have to spend some time in the stylist’s chair. Even something as straightforward as tape-in hair extensions can take the best part of an hour, while weave or sew-in extensions will have you sitting there for several hours. The longer you sit, the more it costs. Furthermore, you are going to have to go back every few weeks to have the extensions removed and replaced, as your own hair grows out. On top of that, some types of hair extension are only good for one or two uses and then have to be replaced, so that is an additional cost. This last point is a very good reason for using top quality human hair extensions which, given some tlc, can last for up to 12 months.

It Costs Money

Overall, using hair extensions is going to cost money, unless you opt for very cheap synthetic extensions. However, although they are cheap these simply do not have the look and feel of real hair and you are very restricted in what you can do with them. You can’t apply any sort of heat because they are made of plastic (yes, really!) and you will melt them if you do. So you can’t use curling tongs, straighteners, or even blow them dry. You can’t dye them, either.

You have to be very careful how you brush your hair, because if you get it stuck you can pull out your extensions, or even your own hair. So you no longer can brush from roots to ends, which is the “correct” way to do things. You have to brush up from the ends to the roots, but of course this means that you are no longer brushing oils from the roots to the ends so you have to add oil on to your ends manually so that they don’t dry out and become brittle.

If you have any type of glue on your extensions you will need to wear a shower cap and try to make the gap between shampoos longer so that the shampoo doesn’t start to break down the glue.

However, if all of this is putting you off, it shouldn’t. Google “hair extension specialist near me” and you will find one who can answer all your queries and advise you as to the best type of extensions for your particular hair.

How To Know The Expired Of Your Skin Products

You’ve just found out that your favorite moisturizer and your age defying serum has an expiry date. If you’re like a lot of women, you may even use it sparingly so that you make it last longer. (It’s sometimes referred to as the “plastic on the lampshade” syndrome. If you leave the plastic on, the lampshade can stay new indefinitely). It never ceases to amaze us to hear this from customers. Declaring that you still have some serum left in the bottle a year later is not reason to celebrate. If you’re guilty of this, we have two words for you. USE IT! It can’t help you sitting pretty on your bathroom shelf.

A few guidelines for how long you should keep skincare products.

  • Facial Moisturizers and Serums= 6 months to 1 year (for fragile skincare with a high degree of Actives… we recommend using up the product in 2 months, once you’ve opened the product). Most product is packaged in quantities that is best suited for specialized ingredients and based on its directions for its use (i.e. daily) it will run out in a few weeks from normal use.
  • Toners, Hydrating Mists= up to 1 year
  • facial cleansers= up to 1 year
  • facial exfoliants= up to 1 year

If you have products that you’ve been using past their prime… don’t put it on your face! In fact, you may be causing some skin issues that you are trying to rid yourself to begin with. Expired beauty products can put your skin at risk for contamination.How can you tell if there is no expire date on the packaging?

  • the product has changed color
  • it’s separated or feels different
  • use your nose… does it smell bad?
  • Is your product labeled “preservative-free”… ( without a preservative, contamination can happen quickly).

These days a lot of “Clean” skincare products us paraben/formaldehyde free preservative at the lowest level possible for safety and your peace of mind. This way you are able to get the advantages inherent in a “Natural” skincare product, while not sacrificing the safety aspect of a shorter shelf life.Rule of thumb… if it looks strange and smells bad or if you’ve been hanging on to it forever because of the pretty jar… it’s time to toss it out. Remember too; if you have a full jar waiting to be opened while your open jar passes it’s expiry date; You now have two jars that are aging. Throw out the old and get on with the new. Your skin will thank you for it.

Don’t compromise your skin health.

Tips To Choosing Shampoo

We all have different hair types that have different requirements. Shopping for shampoo is not like buying eggs from the store anymore. There are so many factors to consider, So many options to choose from. This all can get very confusing if you don’t know what your requirements are.

Know your scalp type

You need to know what type of scalp you have before you buy a shampoo. The purpose of a shampoo is to get rid of the oil, dirt and dead cells that are accumulated on your scalp, hence it is meant for your scalp. If your scalp is oily then you should get a shampoo that is meant for oily scalp. If you want volume in your hair, then you need a volumizing shampoo. Or if you have a dandruff problem, then an anti-dandruff shampoo will do the job for you.

Many online sites have a wide variety of shampoos to choose from and also have a filter that divides shampoos into categories for easier selection. Use Loreal Triple Resist Reinforcing Haircare Shampoo if your hair is suffering from breakage.

For oily scalp

If you have an oily scalp, then you probably know the struggle that goes into making them look good. You might have tried changing shampoos, washing patterns and much more. There are a few factors that need consideration when choosing a shampoo for oily scalp.

  1. Shampoos that are hydrating and moisturizing need to be avoided at all costs. These are suitable for normal scalp types and dry scalp types but for oily scalp is a disaster. It’s like adding more oil onto your already oily scalp.
  2. Look for shampoos that strengthen and volumize as they tend to remove oil from the scalp.
  3. Clarifying shampoos work best with oily scalps. They effectively remove oil and dirt but be careful with shampooing too often as you don’t want to over dry your scalp.
  4. Massaging your scalp while shampooing increases blood circulation and gets rid of all the buildup of oil and dirt.

Don’t condition the roots! The only condition the bottom part of your hair. Conditioning the scalp is bad for your hair health, and it will add extra moisture. Purchase Pert Plus 2 in 1 Shampoo plus conditioner, light for getting rid of that oily scalpFor dry scalp

Dry scalp results in dandruff and itchiness. Dandruff is very embarrassing especially when it is a lot and starts to fall on to your shoulders as well. Dry scalp needs moisture and choosing the right type of shampoo for this scalp type can be very challenging. There are a few factors to consider when buying a shampoo for dry scalp type:

  1. Strengthing and volumizing shampoo may be healthy for oily scalp type but are very harmful to dry scalps. They tend to strip away moisture that is required for a dry scalp.
  2. Look for shampoos that hydrate and moisturize. These will add extra moisture that the dry scalp needs in order to be normal.
  3. Shampoos that are made specifically for dry scalps can be very beneficial. They have ingredients that can moisten the dry scalp.
  4. Remember, always avoid shampoos containing sulfate, as they tend to dry out the scalp and hair.
  5. Don’t avoid shampooing even when your scalp is dry. Shampooing scalp is very important for the health of your hair.

Kerastase Specifique Bain Divalent Shampoo Unisex Shampoo can be used by both men and women that are suffering from dry scalp.For Normal scalp

When your scalp is neither oily or dry, then you can choose from a wide variety of options depending on your preferences and needs. Examples are:

  • Volumizing shampoo for limp hair
  • Strengthening shampoo for damaged hair
  • Anti-frizz for frizzy hair
  • Smooth/silk shampoo for adding smoothness and silkiness to your hair cuticles.

Balancing shampoo is perfect when you don’t want to dry out your hair and neither wants to make your scalp oily. It is the perfect option when trying to be in the middle.